Circle of Dust’s ’95 Single ‘Rational Lies’ Has Received a Brand New Mix


In celebration of the 25th anniversary of Circle of Dust’s 1995 debut self-titled album, ‘Rational Lies’ has received a brand new mix, bringing new life to the track. Showcasing the original’s unique electronic programming, melodic vocals, industrial guitars and samples, the new mix has been fully restored from the original studio session files with one new addition. Circle of Dust live guitarist Daren “Klank” Diolosa has added a guttural growl to the track as he used to perform when touring in the ’90s. ‘Rational Lies’ has now become the 4th song from the album to receive the 25th anniversary mix treatment, with more songs from the album to follow.

The song can be streamed below.

“In late 2019, I stumbled across a floppy disk with SYSEX backups of my original Alesis D4 drum module and E-MU Proteus 1 sound module. For the first time in 25 years, I realized I had the ability to reconnect everything from my original 1995 Circle of Dust album. I imported my ADAT recordings and went to work on mixing the songs from the ground up, excited that I finally had the ability to make these mixes sound like I heard them in my head in 1995. After seeing some of your positive reactions to my Instagram stories as I was working, I decided to officially release the new mixes for those of you that might enjoy them as well.

Don’t worry, the 2016 remasters will remain online as-is. :)” – Klayton says.

When the album “Machines of Our Disgrace” released in 2016, the first new album from Circle of Dust in nearly 20 years, many believed this to be a one-time return for Klayton to release under the moniker.

“Machines of Our Disgrace” marks the 5th full-length studio album for industrial music pioneer Circle of Dust, after a near 20 year hiatus. Created by artist/producer Klayton, best known for his multi-genre project Celldweller, Circle of Dust returns to Klayton’s industrial roots with metal riffs, pulsing electronics and catchy songwriting.

Our review of “Machines of Our Disgrace” can be found here.

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