‘Christmas Rocknight’ Is Approaching [Time Schedule]


Just a few more weeks to go and it’s time for the annual Christmas Rock Night.

This years headliners are Skillet and Red. Christmas Rocknight 2011 will be held December 2 & 3. The two day winter-festival Christmas Rock Night in Ennepetal (Germany) has been very well known for many years in Europe, due to the unprecedented strong rock/metal-programming. A rising number of Dutchmen find their way to the festival. Ennepetal is located in the Ruhrgebied, two hours from Utrecht and about one hour of the border and so it is good to reach with the car. [Time schedule below].

Friday: Skillet, Hawk Nelson, Children 18:3, Remedy Drive, I Am Empire, John Coffey en Jonas David.

Saturday: RED, Stellar Kart, HB, House of Heroes, Wolves At the Gate, Icon For Hire, Tobias Hundt, As Words Divine, CDT en Trinity.

Christmas Rock Night is a Christian music festival held annually during December in Ennepetal, Germany. The festival does not focus on particular styles of Christian music, but leans toward harder forms including metal and alternative.

Founded in 1980, the first festival drew only three bands. Since then it has expanded to a two-three day event which regularly draws international artists such as POD, Disciple, Saviour Machine, Petra, Bride, and Split Level.

The festival has spawned a few spinoff festivals. Fishcore, a one-off festival, was held in 1999. It featured european bands such as Noise Toys, Lightmare, and Sacrificium in competition with each other.

Legends Of Rock (same organizers) is a best-of festival held closer to Spring in 2007, 2008 and 2009. This festival features international bands such as Bloodgood, Tourniquet, Whitecross, The Electrics, Glenn Kaiser Band, & Rex Carroll, sometimes for reunion events.

In 2007 the festival, under the leadership of Detlev and Martina Westermann, took the German Promikon Award in the category “Best Christian organizers.”

Christmas Rocknight will be held december 2  and 3, 2011
Location:Haus Ennepetal, Gasstraße 10, Ennepetal (Germany)

For more information check out their website 



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