Christian Rock Band ‘At Home’ Releases Debut Album “If You Proclaim”


“If You Proclaim” , the (long-awaited) debut album from rock band At Home is out now. Actually, the album would be released in early 2018, but it has become a bit later. “If You Proclaim” is available on many music platforms (such as amazon, itunes, spotify etc).

At Home: 2 people from 2 different countries who were inspired by Holy Spirit to create the band: Dave Hanson(USA) and Alina Lewandowska (Poland)

A vision started with Alina Lewandowska of Christian Rock Band – I.N.D and Dave Hanson of Christian Rock Band – In The Verse. They reside on opposites sides of the world, Poland and the United States, with the same passion for creating music and wanting others to be healed by The Living God, sharing how great God is, and how it would be awesome to make music together,and the question arose, why not create a Christian Rock Band, the technology of today allows for such things to happen and with God, can make a huge impact in peoples lives, giving them opportunity to find Jesus Christ.

At Home‘s first ever lyric video for the song ‘Word Of God’ was released in Jan. and can can be seen below.

An recent interview with Dave & Alina can be found here.

1. Word of God 2:52
2. Walk With You 4:00
3. Hope 4:18
4. Break the Chain 5:05
5. Trust 5:08
6. Antidote 4:24
7. Power of God 4:06
8. If You Proclaim 3:34
9. Mad Love 5:05
10. Bow Down 3:08

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Lyric video for ‘Word Of God


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