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Cast A Fire is a metal band from Lisbon, Portugal that has English lyrics. It was originally conceived as a solo project by Bruno Mira, but he later formed a full band for the album launch of ‘These Troubled Waters’ (2010).  The line-up became Bruno (vocals & guitar), Simão Chaves (guitar), Alex Teixeira (bass & vocals) and Emanuel Machado (drums).

The band had the opportunity to play on some very well known venues in Portugal, finishing the year with “Rock on Christmas” festival, playing alongside Verra Cruz (UK). The band recently released the ‘Lost’ EP (2011). On their previous outing they were compared to Paradise Lost, but have moved away from the gothic influences towards a harder metallic approach.

After the gently chiming guitar intro, there is low rumbling guitar and gang vocals “What difference have I made / What if I leave TONIGHT / Don’t go away, just stay for one more day / Tomorrow might just be too late to say I need you”.

‘U & I’ has slow, chugging guitar and a clunking rhythm section with clear vocals interspersed and a smattering of screams. Whilst ‘Fallen Man’ has some melodic sections, it is the ballad ‘Let This Song Be Heard’ that has an atmospheric feel “Oh, let your kingdom come / Let this song be heard / And may your will be done / On this dying land”.

There is a tempestuous instrumental in ‘Carcere’, before the eruption of ‘So Lost’ and its harsh vocals as it declares “We once were so lost / Drowning in emptiness so dead / But only you could reach so deep / Now we are found”.

Rating: 7/10

Reviewed by Peter John Willoughby

Track listing:
Leave Tonight
Fallen Man
Let This Song Be Heard
So Lost

Label: Real Gana Records / 2011

Bruno – Vox & Guitars
Alex – Bass Guitar
Emanuel – Drums
Simon- Guitars

Weblinks:  Website  Facebook


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