Cage – Supremacy of Steel


Cage is going to release their new album „Supremacy of steel“, already their sixth album. Cage is some ways a very strange band, very outspoken, but their main purpose is make head banging heavy metal. Let see how they succeeded on this album.

Cage is a band from San Diego – USA. They started in 1992 and in 1999, they released their first album „Unveiled“. In 2001 they released „Astrology“, in 2003 „Darker than Black“, in 2007 „Hell destroyer“ was released and in 2009 „Science of Annihilation“ was released. Their style is best described as Power Metal. In the past,they have played at the biggest festivals throughout Europe and the have worked with the very gods of Heavy Metal. So these guys have something to bring.

Back to the album: „Supremacy of Steel has 11 tracks with a total playing time of 64 minutes.

Listening to this album makes indeed you head go „Yeahhhhhhhhhh“. You have the constant feeling throughout the whole album that you’re in a fast power metal rollercoaster. The vocals are exeptional. Similar like Halloween, they make you screem along.

It kicks of with „Bloodsteel“. Whooh, this fast. I see before me a crowd that will go wild on this. Vocals are very good, great guitar solo’s. It‘s a very well fitting song. „Metal Empire“ states very clearly that as long as Cage is around, true metal never dies! „Flying Fortress“ is a song with pretty normal vocals and tells a serious story. A bit lingering with great guitar solo’s. A very impressing song.

Absolute top song of the album is „Hell Destroyer vs Metal Devil“. It describes the battle of the Metal Devil vs the Hell Destroyer. Its fast, loud and the vocals with the continuely fast drums and guitar makes this an again perfect song.

A very special compliment to the artwork of the booklet. Very Nice! The lyrics and the drawing in the booklet are like comics. Nicely and originally done.

To come to a conclusion: This is Supremacy of Steel!


Rating: 9/10

01. Bloodsteel
02. The Beast Of Bray Road
03. King Of The Wasteland
04. Metal Empire
05. War Of The Undead
06. Flying Fortress
07. Doctor Doom
08. Annaliese Michel
09. Braindead Woman
10. The Monitor
11. Hell Destroyer vs Metal Devil
12. Skinned Alive

The Band:
Sean Peck – Lead Vocals
Dave Garcia – Lead Guitars
Garrett Peters – Lead Guitars
Steve Brogden – Bass guitars
Norm Leggio – Drums

Unveiled – 1999
Astrology – 2001
Darker Than Black – 2003
Hell Destroyer – 2007
Science of Annihilation – 2009

Label: Heavy Metal Media / Music Buy Mail / November 2011

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Video below: Hell Destroyer from the DVD The Rise To Power [2011].

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