Brutal Death Metal Band ‘Taking The Head Of Goliath’ Announces New Drummer – Steve Reishus of ‘Crimson Thorn’


It was already been announced last month, but not mentioned here on TMR. Despite it’s a bit older news, it’s still relevant and worth mentioning:

Brutal Death Metal Band Taking the Head of Goliath (TTHOG) would like to introduce you to their new drummer Steve Reishus, Steve replaces founding member Matthew Mark Vangsgard who left the band in October.

The band comments: “Steve is a seasoned drummer who played in Crimson Thorn along with Luke from 2003-2007. He played shows with Crimson Thorn at the Cornerstone festival, Sonshine festival, Nordic Fest in Norway, Revolution fest in Mexico, and more. Steve is a husband and a father and a great brother in the Lord. He’s fit in with us quickly and we’ve even started writing new songs! So welcome Steve! P.s. he’s also a light weight power lifter. P.p.s. everything is coming along nicely with the album”.

Taking The Head Of Goliath have been busy working on their debut album that will be released early next year through Rottweiler Records.

Artwork for their upcoming debut record will be done by the one-and-only Par Olofsson (Miseration – The Mirroring Shadow, Solution .45 – For Aeons Past, Revulsed – Infernal Atrocity). Par Olofsson is a Swedish Designer/Art Worker. His works can be seen as a Metal album cover (Melodic Death, Technical Death, Brutal Death, Black, Deathcore, Grindcore and Thrash). His style is unique, his fantasy and the combinations of colors make it all work masterful. Check out the sickest portfolio in the game here.

Taking The Head Of Goliath is hailing from the Twin Cities, Minnesota, USA. TTHOG incorporates grind, slam, tech, melodic and classic death metal into a ultra-heavy sound never lacking in brutality or originality. Vocal range hits on all points of the extreme metal spectrum, from blood curdling highs to the lowest of gurgling lows. The mission of this band is to spread a message of hope, redemption, strength, freedom, patriotism and ultimately salvation through Jesus Christ. Simply put, Taking The Head Of Goliath is death metal for life.

Recently (March) we conducted an interview with TTHOG, you can find it here.

Our review of “Beyond Brutal Live” can be found here.

The band consists of:  Steve Reishus – Drums, Nathan Sherman – Guitar, Rob Blake – Guitar, Luke Renno – Bass/Vocals, Jake Martin – Vocals.

Weblinks: Facebook / Bigcartel / Bandcamp



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