Brazilian Metal Band ‘Krig Releases “Tribute” a Digital Album with Covers from Legendary Christian Metal Bands


Brazilian progressive metallers Krig checked in with the following: “We have gathered some covers we’ve recorded and made it available for you at our bandcamp, soon in the streaming services”.

Tracklist: 1. Tribute (Krig), 2. Soldiers Under Command (Stryper), 3. Heroes (Bride), 4. Nonpoint (Believer), 5. Here Comes The Bride (Bride), 6. Grind Planetarium (Mortification), 7. Walls of Separation (Living Sacrifice ), 8. Foolish Evildoers IV (Krig).

Krig was formed in January 2007 in Belo Horizonte City.  Lyrics deal with social, environmental, and Christian issues. Leaded by Isaque Soares. After he recorded a few songs he invited old band member Daniel, “FOF, Mercy, Unnamed and ex- Sabbatariam lead vocalist “. 

In May 2007, Phillippe [Mercy and Unnamed Leader, ex-Sabbatariam] and Junior (Feel Burning Inside) joined the band. In November 2007 Krig released their debut album entitled Feed Me, which won the top 10 album of the year at the website Metal Blessing. In February 2008 Jully joined the band as bassist. In April 2008 Krig released their 2nd album entitled “Stop the Manipulation”, featuring Luke Renno from band Crimson Thorn. In August 2008 Vinicios Soares replaced Junior as Drummer. 1st march 2009 Krig released their 3rd album “Target: Human, Mission: Destroy”. In 2010 the band recorded the 4th Album “Narcissistic Mechanism”, supported by a sort of webstores around the world.  “Decay’s Beholder” is the bands most recent full length album and came out in May 2013 via Hammerdown Records. The album begins where their other left off, brutal and relentless, but they find new musical roads to travel with progressive and World music textures that keep their music new, exciting and fresh. Check our “Decay’s Beholder” album review here.

A compilation titled, “7 Years of Brutality” has been released April 2nd 2014.

The band reported a split-up in 2009, but in less than a year they came back. In September 2015 they announced on undefined hold status.

Krig consists of:  Isaque Soares – Guitar, Daniel Corpse – Vocals, Jully Soares – Bass, Vinicius Soares – Drums.

Video (audio) for ‘Soldiers Under Command’

Video (audio) for ‘Nonpoint’

Video (audio) for ‘Heroes’


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