Brazilian Metallers ‘Broad and Sharp’ Announces New Drummer


After months of waiting, the Brazilian metal/hardcore band Broad and Sharp announces the name of Pablo Martins as their new drummer.

According to vocalist Wess Alves, the choice came because “the band was looking for someone who would give us confidence and compatibility of ideas. We did not just want a musician in our lineup, but a fighting partner.”

Soon the band will enter in studio with their new line-up to record the EP “Lev Kardia” pretended do be released in 2018.

About the upcoming EP “Lev Kardia” vocalist Wess Alves says: The origin of the name comes from the Hebrew words lev and levav, which although referring to the heart in the physical organ, was often used to abstractly describe the inner nature of each being, whether in his mind or your inner thoughts.

In the New Testament of the Bible we find the other part of the sentence, kardia, which also has its meaning attached to the heart, but press for remitting the inner life with your emotions thoughts and desires, as well as being the indwelling of the Holy Spirit in those who profess the faith in some Judeo-Christian religion.

Cover illustration was developed by Duncan. The direction of art and development of the materials were made by Wess Alves. The cover shows the war between an angel and a demon and a child in its innocence, representing the eternal battle in the mind trying to take sanity and bring the imbalance of humanity.

“Lev Kardia” will have around 5 tracks, among them ‘Esperança’, ‘Nossa Causa é Morrer’ and ‘Sobre Meninos e Lobos’ and will be released possibly in the third quarter of this year. This will be the band’s debut recording with bassist Israel Tayguara and their new drummer.

Broad and Sharp is: Wess Alves (Vocal), Israel Tayguara (Bass), Fernando Bricola (Guitar), Bil Oliveira (Guitar), Pablo Martins (Drums).

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