‘Bloodgood’ frontman ‘Les Carlsen’ and ‘Don Cromwell’ of ‘Air Supply’ to Debut “The Lucky Side”


Carlsen CromwellLongtime friends, Les Carlsen (Bloodgood vocalist) and Don Cromwell (ex-Eddie Money/ex-Air Supply bassist) have teamed up to combine their extravagant talents to create the 70’s rock influenced, “The Lucky Side”. Tight rhythms, big hooks, crisp production, and the trademark Les Carlson vocals are reminiscent of the best of 70’s era Rod Stewart, Billy Joel, The Eagles, and Steve Perry! For fans of quality AOR and 70’s rock!

Carlsen and Cromwell will play their new CD “The Lucky Side” in it’s entirety on Don Cromwell LIVE, on June 2 and 9, both at 6PMPST  rockstarworldwide.com   They will breakdown each song one by one in album sequence over two nights, giving insights into the writing and recording behind the final product.  Tune in call in 480-945-0442

Each of the 11 songs tells a story and paints a picture, and the sound is pure rock energy.  Four songs were written by Les back in the day, and have taken on new life with fresh production.  Six tracks, including the title song ‘Lucky Side’, were the result of collaboration between Les and Don, while ‘Crazy Kind of Life’ features Les doing a great vocal on one of Don‘s songs.

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Track Listing
01. Livin High
02. Fired Up Tonight
03. Cant Find Love
04. Lucky Side
05. The Only One
06. Bad Credit
07. Color Me Blue
08. Being Young
09. Were Not Wasted
10. I Believe
11. Crazy Kind Of Life

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Video below: ‘Fired Up Tonight’

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