Bloodgood – “Dangerously Close”


dangerously close 2013So its been 22 years since Bloodgood have brought out an album. Now all admitting they were way before my time to musically appreciate them at their peak. But over the years as I have collected their releases and allowed their music to wash over me, I have really and truly come to appreciate their music. Haha, Still, I remember ordering an album of theirs at my local Christian bookstore a couple years back, which never arrived….still waiting.

So in all fairness this is a comeback release. They were part of a group of metal acts of the 80‘s like Petra, White Cross and Stryper that pushed the quality and upheld the Christian metal banner high during that period. They were dependable for both their message and music. They were also known for their “go-for-broke attitude about showmanship,” displaying attitudes and imagery that brought them into collision with some on the extreme Christian right.

So 22 years down the line Bloodgood’s mission and music remains intact without deviation. They have more than contributed enough blood and sweat to the stepping stones and driving force of the Christian Metal scene since 1986. There is no doubt that their music holds a stylistic pillar in rock music history. You don’t survive almost 30 years in the music industry without having some sort of influence and reach in it. Bloodgood’s history spans 6 studio albums and 7 official live releases, with their 7th studio recording that was released in November. In 2010, Bloodgood was inducted into the CHRISTIAN MUSIC HALL OF FAME for their influential contributions to the music industry thus far. “In the Trenches of Rock and Roll,” a feature length documentary film about Bloodgood’s story is slated for release in 2014.

So ‘Dangerously Close’ the seventh studio release in nearly 22 years has hit the shelves. Original members of Michael Bloodgood and Les Carlsen remain with Paul Jackson, Kevin Whistler and Oz Fox from Stryper. What can you expect to hear. The album tends to stay on the path of the more mid to latter era of Bloodgood, with a reliance on heavier melodic hard rock. There are some true heavy metal moments in songs like “Run the Race”, “In The Trenches”, or “Child on Earth”. These tracks hark back to the earlier years of Bloodgood, and should be highly favored by long time fans of their earlier material. The brings things into the 21st century in terms of a more developed Bloodgood sound on songs like “Bread Alone” which gives the listner a more speedy, almost power metal driven Bloodgood. They offer ballads in the likes of “Father Father” and “Crush Me”

Overall an exciting and well produced release that highlights with some brilliant guitar lead work. The music and message remains relevant and fresh, showing both maturity and resilience. One thing through almost every album one could count on was the strong and obvious message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and on this 7th release that message is just the same, clear and true. This would not be a Bloodgood release without that, and would to me distract from who they are if it was not so obviously grounded in faith through Jesus Christ.

In conclusion a great album needs few words to explain itself. Both the music and the message are fueled by what is an engaging assembly of musicians. This album drives with awesomeness. Its a strong contender in terms of future album classics and casts itself as once again an important reference of what classic American hardrock and heavy metal should sound like. Absolutely recommended.

Rating: 9.5/10

Review by Donovan de Necker

1 Lamb Of God 3:24
2 Run Away 3:28
3 Child On Earth 5:29
4 I Will 3:27
5 Bread Alone 4:09
6 Pray 2:52
7 I Can Hold On 4:15
8 Run The Race 4:04
9 Father Father 4:06
10 Man In The Middle 4:09
11 Crush Me 2:52
12 In The Trenches 5:05
13 The Word 3:22 [bonus track]

Band members:
Michael Bloodgood – Bass / Background vocals
Les Carlsen – Lead Vocals
Oz Fox – Guitar / Background vocals
Paul Jackson – Guitar / Background vocals
Kevin Whisler – Drums

Metal Missionaries (1985, cassette demo)
Bloodgood (1986, Frontline Records)
Detonation (1987, Frontline)
Rock In a Hard Place (1988, Frontline)
Out of the Darkness (1989, Intense Records)
Alive In America: Live Volume One (1990, Intense, live)
Shakin’ the World: Live Volume Two (1990, Intense, live)
Alive in America: Live Volume One (1990, Intense, live – VHS)
Shakin’ the World: Live Volume Two (1990, Intense, live – VHS)
All Stand Together (1991, Broken Records)
The Collection (1991, compilation)
To Germany With Love! (1993, live; later reissued)
Bloodgood Rock Theater (2002, DVD re-issue of Alive in America and Shakin’ the World)
Bloodgood: Live in Norway (2009, DVD of the band’s performance at the SeaSide Festival in Norway, 2009)
Metal Missionaries 25th Anniversary Edition (2010, B. Goode Records)

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Record Label: Doolittle Group AB, Dec. 2013

Upcoming Shows:
Friday, 6 2013 Dec. Christmas Rock Night, Ennepetal Germany
Saturday 7 2013 Dec. Christmas Rock Night, Ennepetal Germany
Saturday, 1 Nov. 2014 Rock Harvest 3, Baltimore, Maryland, United States

Buy the album here:
Holland: First Paradox
Norway: Nordic Mission
USA: Metal Helm

Video below for  ‘Lamb of God’

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