‘Blood Thirsty’ Lyric Video Released for ‘Slaughtering Sin’


DEREK CORZINE 2013Brutal Symphonic Death Metal.band/project Blood Thirsty has released a lyric video for Slaughtering Sin’. The song comes of the debut album “Sanguine River Absolution”. Blood Thirsty‘s full-lengh debut album is released on July 8th. and is distributed by Metalhelm.

Crushing 8-string guitars, blast beats, double kicks, and snarling bass set the foundation for Blood Thirsty. Guttural growls, high shrieks, and shredding guitar solos focus the listener in while the symphony orchestra and choirs fill the air with epic, haunting atmosphere. Each song has a life of its own with lyrics influenced by the Holy Scriptures. Blood Thirsty is the project of multi-insrumentalist, Derek Corzine (Whisper from Heaven, Syringe, Cosÿns, ex-Bloodline Severed). He started Blood Thirsty with Rev. James Rich in the mid-late 90’s. The music has been compared to the likes of Fleshgod Apocalypse, Suffocation, Dimmu Borgir, Cannibal Corpse, Meshuggah, and Extol as it is described as brutal and beautiful.

Blood Thirsty... being thirsty for Christ’s blood to wash away our sins. There is no remission of sin without the shedding of blood, hence the need for animal sacrifice in days of old. But Christ has come into the world to fulfill that law, being the perfect sinless sacrifice once for all mankind. For God loved us so much that He gave His only Son that whoever would believe (rely on, trust in, cling to) in Him, would not perish but receive life eternal. For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through Him.

Album review quote:

‘With projects like this, the inevitable question around what bands do they sound like since it’s a new band that isn’t widely known.  My ears hear a mix of Broken Flesh, Cannibal Corpse, Extol, I Built the Cross, Dimmu Borgir, Abated Mass of Flesh, Mourn In Silence, Seperatist, and I would imagine many other cool bands listeners will know. Notice that this is a mix of those bands, the overall sound of Blood Thirsty stands on its own.’

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Blood Thirsty cover 2014

01. Slaughtering Sin 3:37
02. Mercy of the Storm 4:29
03. Crush the Head of the Serpent 2:47
04. The Day the Devil Lost 3:48
05. Omniscient 3:29
06. Chaos Conqueror 5:06
07. When the Flesh Explodes 4:32
08. The Engrafting 4:38
09. Blinded 3:35
10. Scared to Death 3:27
11. Behold, the Fire 3:54

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Video below ‘Slaughtering Sin’

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