‘Blast From Oblivion’ Drops ‘BloodLust’ Lyric Video


Horror influenced thrash/punk rock project Blast From Oblivion released a lyric video for ‘Bloodlust’, the track is taken from their sophomore album “Restrained” is released last month through Sky Burns Black Records. The video can be seen below.

A Mysterious Character known as Splatter Guts from an Unknown Realm, was sent To Hell & Back & was transformed from something Evil into something Spiritual. Splatter Guts was then brought back to life by our Almighty Creator. Blast From Oblivion was then born. Bringing you the journey of his life & other horrific topics. 

Many types of genres have influenced me over the years. As they do many artists. What’s more important to me is that this music is original. I hope you humans enjoy it!

“This album deals with learning how to restrain our fleshy desires. To keep us from insanity in a world full of evil, death, horror, pain, depression, murder, suicide, bondage of lust, greed, deceit, etc. The only cure is Jesus Christ.”

Blast From Oblivion‘s first Live performance (Sept. 15) at The Sounds of Hope Coffee House, Clinton, NY. can be watched here.

Track List:
1 Silent Screams
2 Haunted Apparition
3 Nychtophobia
4 Bloodlust
5 Brain Splattered Matter
6 Flesh Disorder
7 Thoughts & Prayers II
8 Bloodsuckers (Story Of A Lost Boy)
9 Wake The Dead
10 Mental Wasteland
11 Undead Horde
12 Jekyll & Hyde
13 Stench Of Flesh
14 Under The Horns (Acoustic)

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Lyric Video for ‘Bloodlust’

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