‘The Supernal Hunger’ by Blackened Death Metal Band ‘Throne of Awful Splendor’​ Available for Streaming


TOAS_2016Throne of Awful Splendor released their debut EP “The Supernal Hunger.” late last month (Dec. 31). HM recently premiered the eponymous first single from the EP. The blackened death metal band, from Portland, OR, originally released the EP in 2014, but after signing with SkyBurnsBlack Records, has now re-released the work, packaged with a full-color poster and buttons as they prepare to record their first full-length album.

The song can be streamed in the soundcloud player below.

HM spoke with vocalist Rodney Wilder about the album as a whole and his writing process behind it.

‘The Supernal Hunger,” as an album, explores the temptations presented to Christ while he fasted in the wilderness, specifically that innate hunger — what C.S. Lewis called ‘sehnsucht’ — that leaves us yearning for more than the glaringly-hollow handfuls with which the world would derail, dethrone and destroy us. The titular track sets this scene in theatrical fashion (although with more growls and blast beats than you’ll find at your local opera house), establishing the characters of Jesus and the Tempter who approaches to ruin Him. Of course, we already know how his scheming will end.

The band is comprised of: Rodney Wilder – Vocals, Colin St. Claire – Guitar, Adam Roethlisberger – Bass, Jason Borton – Drums/Clean Vocals.

The Supernal Hunger_EP

1. The Supernal Hunger 06:49
2. A Nemesis Reared At Genesis 04:34
3. Trial Of Decimation 03:07
4. LuciPhilosophaster 05:34

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