Blackened Death Metal Band ‘A Hill To Die Upon’ signs with Luxor Records, New Album “Via Artis, Via Mortis” Due Next Month, Listen to The First Song ‘Jubal and Syrinx’


Blackened death metal band A Hill To Die Upon are back with a new album entitled “Via Artis, Via Mortis” which will be released on September 15th. through Luxor Records.

The band states: We’re very excited to be working with such an awesome label, and look forward to a long relationship with them. Check out the first single ‘Jubal and Syrinx’ from the new album link below.

“Via Artis, Via Mortis” will be the follow-up to “Holy Despair” (2014)

1, Melpomene and Thalia 1:21
2. Jubal and Syrinx 4:52
3. Artifice Intelligence 3:33
4. Sorcery and Sudden Vengeance 4:04
5. “I Was There When You Went Under the Water” 4:11
6. Great Is Artemis of the Ephesians. 4:59
7. The Garden 4:34
8. Mosin Nagant 4:08
9. St. Cocaine 5:22

A Hill To Die Upon hails from the Monmouth-Galesburg area of Illinois, United States, formed in 2004 by the brothers Adam and R. Michael Cook. The brothers initially founded the band as hardcore project, but eventually started listening to death and black metal, which led them to transform their band’s sound. Over the years, various musicians have filled out the band’s lineup, which currently consists of the Cook brothers, Nolan Osmond, and Brent Dossett.

A Hill to Die Upon has released –“Demo” demo [2008)], “Infinite Titanic Immortal” full-length [2009], “Omens” full-length [2011], “Holy Despair” full-length [2014], all to a positive critical reception. In 2013, the band also released a stand-alone single, ‘Manden med Leen’. Musically, the band is compared primarily to Behemoth as well as Immortal, Naglfar, and Old Man’s Child, all of which the brothers cite as among their major influences. The brothers are Christian, but they distance themselves from calling A Hill to Die Upon a Christian metal band. Lyrical themes include mythology, war, philosophy, and despair, with references drawn from the Bible and numerous literary works and authors.

“Holy Despair” album review quote:

“Holy Despair remains true to their original sound and characteristics that distinguishes them in the metal scene…Brothers Adam and Michael Cook once again have made a perfect mix of aggressive death metal combined with technical aspects typically found in black metal and have done so in such a way that neither style dominates.”

To read the entire  review of “Holy Despair” click here

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Video (audio) for ‘Jubal and Syrinx’


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