Black Metal Band ‘White Fog’ Signs With The Bearded Dragon Productions, New Album Tracklisting Revealed


White Fog, the growing force in the black metal community, has signed with The Bearded Dragon Productions. The band, originally a solo project created by Nick “Phantom” Boisjolie, has already released their debut demo, “Vampyric Sacrament”, independently before signing with the label.

Earlier this year the band announced recording a new release; a full-length album. As the production began, a new member came into the iridescent light, going under the moniker of “Queen of Shadows”, who took over Drums and Ambience. The new album, “Temple of Sorrow”, is in the process of being recorded now, with eleven tracks being featured on the release.


1. Midnight Chime (Witchcraft)
2. To Burn…
3. Temple of Sorrow
4. The Burning Woman (Cry Of Laura)
5. Into the Vampyric Forest
6. Light Against Dark
7. The Keeper
8. A Silent Chamber of Skarlet Blood
9. Lost in Dracula’s Tower
10. Ravenous Creature in the Fog
11. Claws of the Horde

Band members:

Phantom – Vocals, Guitars, Keys
Queen of Shadows – Drums, Ambience

Weblinks: Facebook / Website / Bandcamp

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