Black Gothic Metal Band ‘Temple Of Perdition’ (feat. Renascent Drummer Joonas Heikkinen) to Release Debut Album “Tetragrammaton” Sept. 30th., Lyric Video Released for ‘Symphony of the Flesh god’


Black gothic metal band Temple Of Perdition will release its debut album “Tetragrammaton” on September 30th. via Vision Of God Records. Lyric videos for ‘The Last Temptation’ and ‘Symphony of the Flesh God’ are available below.

Superior messianic metal ! (For those whom are unfamiliar messianic Jews believe in Yeshua (Jesus), there is a misconception that they do not – This is incorrect). This is a classic in the  making ! – VOG Records.

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Temple Of Perdition are scheduled to start shooting a music video for Symphony of the Flesh God this Friday August 31 2018. However they are running short on the funding need to complete this project. They have a very limited amount of time to get this done.

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From the southern United States and Finland, Temple of Perdition was formed in 2017 with one sole purpose: To bring the listener into the black mire of the void while reflecting upon the portrait of their existence.

While diving into the realms of gothic blacken metal that successfully marries beauty and the beast in dark ritualistic fashion, they created something new and fresh and their own.

Tetragrammaton– Temple of perdition has managed to bring a variety of other styles and sounds into a mix with the heaviness and of doom, gothic, symphonic, and atmospheric blacken metal while creating a soundscape with many layers and many twists and turns that keep the listener interested. The result is one of those albums that you can listen to over and over without becoming bored.

Sakis Tolis of Rotting Christ being acquainted with the projects founder (Yaakov) guest spotted on their debut track The Last Temptation.

“This is a great piece of art my friend! Congrats. Really dark and abysmal. I like it a lot.”-SAKIS-ROTTING CHRIST

With Joonas Heikkinen on drums for three different bands – The Slave Eye, Angel of Sodom and Renascent – the band has a firm foundation in musicianship. The band released as demo through VOG Records on February 2, 2018; a small teaser of the album “Tetragrammaton” which will also be released through the label.

Starting in 2019 they are planning to start touring in full swing in the EU and United States.

1. Symphony of the Flesh God 4:10
2. Synnisa 4:36
3. Adonai 7:08
4. The Last Temptation 5:47
5. Damons Lullaby 4:25
6. Priests of Perdition 5:44
7. Nexion. 5:27
8. Kunnia Herrale 4:37
9. Mourning Star 10:04

Band members:
Vocals: Benaja (Finland)
Drums: Joonas Heikkinen (Finland)
Guitars, Bass, FX, Keys: Ya’akov Nahash (USA)

Weblinks: Facebook / iTunes / Website

Lyric video for ‘Symphony of the Flesh god’

Lyric video for ‘The last temptation’ (feat. Sakis Tolis of Rotting Christ )


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