BioGenesis Releases Title-Track of New Album “Rise Of The Phoenix”


Listen to the title track of the new BioGenesis album “Rise Of The Phoenix”, featuring blazing guitar work by Tiago DeSouza (Hand Of Fire, Perpetual Paranoia). Which will be released soon via Roxx Records. Preorder information coming soon!

According to a previously posted update from frontman Chaz Bond:

“Rise Of The Phoenix” will be a concept album based on the true events surrounding Jim Jones and The Peoples Temple. However it is not simply a saga of thought reform and tragedy but rather, it is an important story about how one character overcomes and ultimately rises above all that he suffered through. With his faith as his rod and staff he was able to not only survive, but to march forward living a great life while warning others of the dangers of Cult leaders like Jones.

Video for ‘Rise Of The Phoenix’

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