‘Benea Reach’ Cancels Performance At ‘Brainstorm Festival’, Statement Available


Brainstorm Fest logoAfter the cancellations of ReinXeed [SE] and Antidemon [BR], yesterday the organization of Brainstorm Festival reported that the Norwegian metal-core band Benea Reach also canceled their show in the Netherlands. Read the band’s statement below.

“Due to circumstances outside of the band’s control Benea Reach are unable to perform at this year’s Brainstorm festival. We’re very disappointed and extremely frustrated that we’ve had to let down fans and the organisers at such late notice, but we’d like to thank Brainstorm for being so professional and gracious in trying to help us work this out. We wish everyone involved our best and we’ll be in Holland to play and make it up to you as soon as we can! Benea Reach.”

The organization is hard at work with finding a good replacement. We keep you posted.

The complete line-up for Brainstorm Festival 2013 is now available. As we previously reported Finnish death-doom formation Swallow The Sun will be headlining the festival. Amongst the co-headliners are Theocracy [USA] & Sparklands [NL]. You can find the complete line up below.

In total 15 bands will be featured mainstage, plus several extra shows will take place in the theater of the festival like singer-songwriter Rachel Louise [NL]. Also in here all of the audience can join the grunt-version of the King’s Song [‘Koningslied’] to hail the new King of The Netherlands in the most brutal way possible!

And there is more! Like every year an exposition is present, as well as a metal-market. Brainstorm Festival takes place on Friday 1 and Saturday 2 November 2013 in club Gigant in city Apeldoorn, The Netherlands.

Brainstorm Festival was formed in the beginning of 2008 with a clear mission to enter a new era of music festivals as we know it. Brainstorm Festival is known as an independent cultural rock- and metalfestival, that provides a stage to both new talent as well as metal-dinosaurs. The festival combines hardrock with extreme metal. Besides concerts Brainstorm Festival offers a program in the theater of the club with acoustic performances, interviews, debate and competitions. Also there is an exposition taking place each year, plus a small metal-market.

Also: If you visit the Saturday or the whole weekend, you can get huge discount on the afterparty taking place on Saturday 9 November also in Gigant, Apeldoorn [NL]. Headliner for this show is Orphaned Land [ISR].

Friday November 1st.

Sparklands [NL], Sacrificium [D] The Charm The Fury [NL]My Endless Wishes [S] and Startled By Silence [NL].

Saturday November 2nd.

Swallow The Sun [FIN], Theocracy [USA], Slechtvalk [NL], Antimatter [UK], Today Forever [D], Aliens Ate My Setlist [D], Sleeping Romance [ITA] and Sense vs. Sanity [NL].

For more info and tickets: www.brainstormfestival.com

Video below: Theocracy – ‘Hide In The Fairytale’

Video below Swallow the Sun – ‘Through Her Silvery Body’

Video below Slechtvalk – ‘Towards The Dawn’

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