‘Azrael’ ‘The Harrowing of Hell’ Demo [Available Now]


Nokternal Hemizphear Records announces that it is officially distribute Azrael’s demo “The Harrowing of Hell”. Tracklist and artwork can be seen below.

Hailing from Canada, this fresh duo drives a raw and spirited holy black metal onslaught. With a varied musical background, their black metal and death metal influences are woven throughout the tapestry of musical madness. Dismas and Blodhemn have spent time in bands and musical projects to the likes of Atrous Leviathan, Nevernear, and even Black Autumn.

Coming from a background of Satanism, now saved by the blood of Jesus Chirst, Azrael wields the mighty and terrible sword of the Lord! True to their faith in Jesus Christ, Azrael‘s message targets the lies of Satan and the blasphemous rites that surround Satanism. Dismas and Blodhemn breathe (or rather scream) fresh air into an old school black metal format. Their lyrical themes are passionate like that of Watain and Horde, while their lo – fi musical ferocity and grimness is akin to Fire Throne, Horna, Drowning the Light, and Satanic Warmaster. Outside of the legendary technical death metal act, Sympathy, Christian extreme metal has not come from the great northern lands of Canada.

Azrael, steps into the battle with a cry that muster the brethren and plague the legions of the damned. Dismas’ voice literally goes through wildly intense moments as he unleashes his tongue against the lies of Satan and evil propaganda. You do not want to miss this! “The Harrowing of Hell” is 4 tracks of blunt, unwavering holy black metal from the Canadian northlands. Chaotic. Intense. Minimalistic. Anti – misanthropic. Unblasphemous.

Band members:
Blodhemn – Battle Axe, Savage War Cries, Drums
Dismas – Bass Onslaught, Vocal Chord Martyrdom, Drums

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Buy Azrael “The Harrowing of Hell” at the Nokternal Hemizphear Webshop

1. Rebuild My Church
2. Evening Canticle
3. Moonlight Hangs Frozen
4. Christ Enthroned

















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