Argentinian Metal Band ‘Prevalece’ Celebrates 7th. Years Anniversary with Live EP “En Vivo en Neuquén” (Free Download)


On July 21st the Argentinian metal band Prevalece celebrated its 7th birthday, so they decided to release a 5 track live EP “En Vivo en Neuquén” and also some videos of this performance. Filmed and recorded on June 9th in Neuquén Cap (Argentina). The EP is available as a free download, check out the video’s below.

Prevalece‘s third album “La Sangre del Cordero” (The Blood of the Lamb) on July 8th. 2017.

Unfortunately, I can’t seem to locate much information on Prevalece other than bits I’ve translated off their Facebook profile, which is also in all Spanish.

The band is comprised of: Néstor Garrido – Guitar and vocals, Freddy Arturo – Bass, Agustin Lara – Drums

01 – La Sangre del Cordero
02 – Luz a mi Pies
03 – El Único Camino
04 – Nos Quieren Dividir
05 – Desafio

Weblinks: Facebook / Mediafire (free download)

Video for ‘La Sangre del Cordero’

Video for ‘Luz a mi Pies’

Video for ‘Nos Quieren Dividir’

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