‘Angel 7’ Entire Song ‘Way To Heaven’ Available for Streaming (with English Lyrics)


Angel7_logo‘Way To Heaven’, is` taken from Angel 7′s latest album “Last Revolution” which is released on December 10th of last year. The song is available for streaming in the youtube clip below.

This album and also “Седьмой Ангел” (2001), “Black And White” (2004), “Silver Sky “ (2005), “Любовь никогда не умрет” (2012), are available now for free download on their bandcamp page. If possible support the band by paying for their music (name your price). They would appreciate that.

Angel 7 hails from Ukraine, the same country that the mighty Holy Blood calls home, and they are up to the challenge presented by the greatness of Holy Blood. Guitar solos galore and technical riffing permeate the disc, and these blend with driving synths and heavy guitars, extreme vocals, and creativity which extends beyond the normal realms of death and black metal.

The band consist of: Slava Malinin – Vocals, Keyboards, Bass, Drums, Programming, Nikolay Kiriljuk – Guitars, Alexander Grechanyuk – Guitars.

Our review of “Last Revolution” can be found here.

last revolution (2014)

1. Law or Grace 04:40
2. Lions And Jackals 03:56
3. The Blind Leading The Blind 04:22
4. The Oils My Lord 04:20
5. What The Lord Has Built 04:21
6. King of Kings 04:52
7. Way To Heaven 05:06
8. Prophets Of The End Times 03:46
9. Freedom In Christ Or Death 04:44
10. The Final Revolution 04:35
11. Infidelity 03:07

‘Way To Heaven’ (Lyrics in English)

Blood blackened on yellow sand
When beasts lacerated those who loved God
Soul escaped from prison to the freedom
And way to Heaven was openedWild beasts opened their chaps
To destruct your body
But they will never have power
To destroy the immortal soulDeath fires were burning, the cry of pain ceased
Renounce and live – nothing more
God in Heaven will know who’s of Him
And way to Heaven was openedMorning sun warmed the earth
Wind embraced it by the fresh breath
Blood blackened on yellow sand
What you embraced, you did not betray


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