‘Alberto Rigoni’ Releases “Into THE BASS” Limited Edition CD


Alberto R Sep 2014“Into the BASS” is a selection of songs from Italian bass player and composer Alberto Rigoni’s four studio albums (“Something Different”, “Rebirth”, “Three Wise Monkeys” and “Overloaded”). With a range of influences from Dream Theater, Rush, YES to artists such as Michael Manring & Stu Hamm,

“Into THE BASS” is an eclectic mix of instrumental tracks that shows the potential of the bass as more than a rhythm instrument. An aural journey of melody and groove that showcases a wide variety of genres covering progressive, rock, ambient and experimental, while maintaining the artist’s distinctive style. The texture of the album is enriched by the participation of top class musicians such as Gavin Harrison (Porcupine Tree), Michael Manring, John Macaluso (ex Yngwie Malmsteen, ARK), amongst others.

“An album full of bass excellence” – Joel McIver (author and music critic)

“Alberto is a passionate artist and his music is rich and evocative” – Michael Manring (solo artist)

Alberto Rigoni’s latest solo album “Overloaded” has been released October 1st. 2014 via Any and All Records. Our review can be found here.

into the bass_alberto

1. The Factory 05:40
2. The Net 02:00
3. Free (feat. Gavin Harrison) 06:20
4. Trying To Forget 02:48
5. Story of a Man 06:07
6. Between Space and Time 04:22
7. Iwazaru 04:22
8. A New Soul (feat. Michael Manring) 04:24
9. Ubick 05:20
10. Toshogu Shrine 01:10
11. Kikazaru 03:58
12. Chron 05:10
13. Floating Capsule 03:27
14. Multitasking 01:49
15. Liberation (feat. Fabrizio Leo) 05:40
16. Sweet Tears 04:15

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