AfterWinter (Biogenesis Members) Releases New Video for ‘Within’


Roxx Records are not done yet this week! They released the world premiere video from Fear Not this past Tuesday and today they release the brand new AfterWinter track that debuted exclusively on their Halloween compilation!

Check out the second single off of the “All Hallows’ Eve- We Love Hating Evil” compilation by AfterWinter entitled ‘Within’ enjoy…

Then be sure to pick up the limited edition CD and t shirt here.

AfterWinter features the core band that created the music on both of those exceptional BioGenesis albums. James Riggs on Rhythm Guitar, Luke Nealeigh on Lead Guitar, Sam Nealeigh on Keyboards, Dan Nealeigh on Bass and  Eli Closson rounding out this musical force on drums. If you followed the band back during this line up, you may recall Majenica Nealeigh pounding on the drums early on. Well this time she steps up to the microphone and heads out to handle co-lead vocals on this classic symphonic metal masterpiece entitled ‘Light Displaces Darkness’. Out front with her on lead vocals is Jerry Grazioso lead vocalist for This Blessed Hatred rounding out the line up for this brand new musical endeavor.

Video for ‘Within’

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