‘Ace Augustine’ Sign With ‘Red Cord Records’


Ace Augustine have signed with Red Cord Records & are currently recording a full length to be released this winter. Watch the band, including the new vocalist, in a short announcement video below.

Lancaster Pennsylvania Many people know this town for it’s booming music industry and bands that continue to put songs on the billboards leaving not only a mark but statement to the world. With this in mind, starting a band can be tedious work for all eyes are on you as expectations run high in the direction of success. As most stories begin their first chapter, Ace Augustine started out with three good friends that all undeniably wanted to hit it big. What separates these gentlemen from the rest is the mark they left on the industry as one of the youngest artists to perform and tour with some of today’s biggest national such as Sky Eats Airplane, For Today, Inhale Exhale, Anberlin, My Children My Bride, and countless others.

With the release of their first EP titled The Glory Of Trumpets in 2009, exposure was granted as the band balanced school and performances out of state on weekends. After countless performances and adding some final touches, Ace started to turn heads towards the highly anticipated new record, The Absolute which is released during fall of 2010 with the aid of Producer/Engineer Carson Slovak at Atrium Audio. As the band continues to grow in many aspects, one thing will always remain true within the core of their success. Delivering a powerful message with their The Absolute‘s first album single The Merchant Tales, released March of 2010 delivered a new sound for the band which was turned into an immediate crowd favorite. The band shows no signs of giving up their courage to provide a positive uplifting message through lyrics and humbled presence giving the credit of success to their Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

Upcoming Shows:
Aug 22 The Chameleon Club w/ Carousel Kings, Lancaster, PA
Sep 15 iMatter Festival – Eldridge Park w/ The Devil Wears Prada, Elmira, NY

Band members:
Ryan Feister – Vocals
Tyler Chadwick – Guitar/Vocals
Spencer Barnett – Guitar
Cody Owen – Bass
Josh Hess – Drums

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