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Bassist/vocalist Steve Rowe of Australian Christian metallers  issued the following update:

Welcome to Christmas Month to all The Priests Of The Underground out there! As you all know, a month ago I released The Video Fundraiser – Mortification/Wonrowe Vision Life Achievement Program on YouTube and Facebook. Almost 900 people have watched the Fundraiser/Competition on YouTube alone and probably just as many on Facebook. So far I have had 16 people donate so Thank You from the bottom of my heart to those Supporters! The Program is open to EVERYONE in The World. Simply send your support via PayPal to info@roweproductions.com and if outside The US or Australia simply use The Currency Converter on your PayPal page to turn your donation large or small into AUD – Australian Dollars! The big highlight here is that someone will win one of My Bass Guitars signed that has a Value of $1500. So far we have raised $1150. This means that to reach our goal of $7000 we hope people will get involved to help us finish The New Mortification Album “Scribe Of The Pentateuch” and Record The 2n

Wonrowe Vision had a great Show at The Ten X 10 Fest here on Nov 26th! Footage will be up on YouTube throughout this month, including A NEW Song, 2 early Lightforce Songs and New Improved Versions of some of the Highlight Tracks from Mission Invincible, The Wonrowe Vision Debut! Check out this Link to read a Review of Mission Invincible: 

 I will also be working closely with my Video Producer Brent Furletti to bring you some YouTube Clips of my time with Cancer in ’96 and ’97. Some of it is not for the squeamish. HaHa! Most of the real graphic stuff was never Filmed but you will find what was fascinating!! This is in a lead up to the end of The Life Achievement Program on Jan 19th when I Celebrate 15 Years out of a Bone Marrow Transplant!! Breaking The Survival Records!!

The great thing about The Life Achievement Program is that everyone who donates $25 receives a signed Copy of Mission Invincible, for $50 a signed copy of Mission Invincible and The 15th Mort release “Scribe Of The Penateuch” and for $100 both the first 2 plus a signed copy of The 2nd Wonrowe Vision Album if we reach our goal of $7000. With a donation of $100 or more you can send a sentence 15 words or less as to why YOU should win my Bass Guitar. I have a few KILLER Sentences already. See The Video below for more details.

An interesting note here is that Secular German Metal Indy Label Mighty Monster Records has offered to sign and release both the New Mort Album and 2nd Wonrowe Vision Album. The Catch is that this is a 50/50 deal and thus I need to pay for the 2 guys at Mighty Monster to fly out here from Germany with their gear, set up a temporary studio here and finish Scribe and Record WV 2 from start to finish. This in Airfares alone will cost $6000. So if we reach our goal of $7000 then this makes this great offer totally possible!

In less exciting news I have had to let Troy Dixon go from Mortification. God is calling Troy in other directions since joining Mort 11 months ago. Since joining Mort, Troy has opened his own studio, started studying for Youth Ministry with his wife, will become Youth Leader at his Church with his wife next year, has started his own Band Amongst Thorns and joined Melbourne Metal Band Incrypt. In the end, Troy had no time for Mort and so I had to ask him to leave. Troy joining Incrypt makes sense because they are a 2 Guitarist Band and Troy came into Mort as a 2nd Guitarist. When Mick Jelinic never came back I think Troy felt God was leading him in another direction. Troy said he was relieved that I asked him to leave because he felt “Released to follow God’s Call in his life”. Scribe Of The Pentateuch will still be mixed and improved before its release next year …and so a Huge Blessing goes from Andrew and I with Troy to pursue his callings!

Please keep us in your prayers as we keep you in ours. In time, Andrew and I will find a New Mort Guitarist. We have already asked 1 person who is considering the possibility. We just want God’s will to be done through this Mission. In reality, the state of The Evangelistic Christian Metal and Rock Scene is a harsh take for many performers and thus we have so many successful Positive World View Bands and less and less Jesus Metal and Rock Bands. It is easier to not stand up for Christ publicly through music and so most are taking the easy Road. I received a Facebook message from Ulf Christiansson of Jerusalem a couple of days ago and we agreed that Christian Music has become something that it was never supposed to be. The new Jerusalem Album “SHE” is probably the most amazing True Jesus Rock Album I have ever heard but has been shown very little attention by Christians and reviews I have read on the Album are so ill-informed, one Review stating that it was The first Jerusalem Album s

Please check out Jerusalem “SHE” at www.jerusalem.se and Rosanna Palmer’s New Solo Album seems set to be released by Matt Hunt on Retroactive Records. Rosanna’s Raiders entire collection is already available through Retroactive! ALL proceeds from Rosanna’s New Solo Album are going to help free women from being sold into sex slavery – A HUGE PROBLEM IN THIS WORLD TODAY with most girls from Cambodia being sold to western men. Rosanna and Dave headlined The Ten X 10 Fest just after we performed last week and they are still as amazing as they ever were!!

So why are The Older Legends of Jesus Rock being looked over when in Europe and Brazil The Older you are and Longer you have been around in Rock and Metal the more acclaimed your Band becomes??!! Why is this not reflected in The US and Australian Christian Rock Scenes? Food for thought.

A Blest Christmas To All!

Steve Rowe.

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