‘A Hill To Die Upon’ Announces New Music Video


Black Metal band A Hill To Die Upon‘s teaser for their upcoming music video can be seen below.

A Hill to Die Upon is a fast emerging, very intense mixture of black and death metal. Know for a powerful and passion filled live performance. For fans of Naglfar, Behemoth, Watain, and Old Man’s Child.

Started by brothers Adam and Michael, A Hill To Die Upon has been characterized by a constant drive to better the music and the inability to give up. After forming in the Winter of 2005, many demos and uncountable shows, AHTDU found it’s niche in extreme metal with Elisha Mullins and Ravn Furfjord [ex Antestor and Frosthardr]. While releasing their first full length, Infinite Titanic Immortal, AHTDU has made great strides in their titanic onslaught.

The Titans 2012:
Adam – guitar, bass, lead vocals
Michael – drums, vocals

Demo, Demo [2008)]
Infinite Titanic Immortal, Full-length [2009]
Omens, Full-length [2011]  [CD review]

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