20 lb Sledge – “Electric Exodus”


20 lb Sledge is a Christian hard rock music project founded by AlfonZo Rachel who is so far best known for his Humorous Christian conservative social political commentaries. The band which is based out of South bay, California released the album Electric Exodus on 4th of June 2019 with an independent label. The band lists P.O.D. SevenDust, Pantera, Helmet, Static-X, Deftones, Earth Wind and Fire, George Benson, Alice In Chains, LTD, Tool, HeatWave, Prong, King’s X, Fishbone, 24-7 Spyz, Meshuggah as some of their influences.

On Bandcamp, the band quotes their sound as, “slams like Sonic Body Blows with sophisticated yet steady beefy rhythms marinated in juicy melodies. The vocals bark with a bite of the gospel gone grizzly, with flows sweet like freedom and the grit it takes to keep it. The lyrics bridge the generations from snotty teens to old farts without relying on nasty language. Dirty Sound! Clean Message!“ I was definitely in for a surprise (written post listening to the whole record)

This is their debut album, so I will try to keep an open mind as I listen to it. The first song on this album “Measured In Sky” slaps on with some crunchy bass, a low tuned guitar riff (MM – Beautiful people??) and the vocals that keep the momentum on. The music felt heavily influenced, I would leave that for the listener to pickup. “Death Buster” builds up on ambient pieces, the thumping bass and guitars go hand in hand and drives the song forward. I would credit the song with a catchy chorus, on the whole the song is vocally driven. “Trauma Sutra” is off to a good start as it plays out a catchy riff and the rumbling bass that catapults the song. The song is lyrically driven like its predecessors, the chorus carries a punchy riff and juggles with style a little bit.

“XLSSBPB” or the acronym for Xiao Lin Super Secret Buddha Palm Plaster is as groovy as it’s a little funny, with bouts of “I’m a peaceful guy with a poison touch- to make your bones pour out your butt.“  This song will definitely lighten up your mood a little. “Electric Exodus” is all electronica and is a rap song stuck in the realm of hard rock, something of the likes of Hed (pe). “A Waltz in gray minor” takes on a funky electronica riff and delivers rhythmic vocals. Although a lot of thought has gone in the composition, somehow the music supporting the vocals felt a little disconnected and on separate paths altogether. “Priests Of Chaotica” gets on heavy and groovy, a little political and mundane for my palate. With this song the band voices out all the anger it feels towards the propaganda that’s decided and controlled by a select few. The music definitely felt influence to my ears.

“Club Dead Waker” chugs and pelts out a punchy riff, and is a socially driven lyrically. Somehow bringing out J.C. in this context was a little perplexing and difficult to gulp down, but I guess every bands get to speak about the stuff that matters to them in their own artistic capacity.  The album ends with “The After Party”, and as the title sounds the song really is like an after party. I’m not kidding, what would you say if this what the chorus sounds like, “So get your hands in the air.. Wave ’em like you don’t care. Pump your fist to be on the list..and I’ll take you there!”

Production : The production on this album was good, a fair bit of everything is heard on this record, the sound is balanced and not over the top.

Conclusion : Well I had a good time listening to this record, although it was lyrically and politically charged it didn’t matter in the end. It’s like every genre out there joined the party and is having a blast and not really giving a hoot to what’s it like to be a part of each other. Give it a go, if you really really want to listen to something different.

Rating: 6/10

Written by: Ankit Sood


  1. Measured In Sky
  2. Death Buster
  3. Trauma Sutra
  5. Electric Exodus           
  6. A Waltz In grAy Minor
  7. Priests Of Chaotica
  8. Club Dead Waker
  9. The After Party

Release Date: August 30th. 2019

Record Label: Roxx Records

Band members:
AlfonZo Rachel – I’m guessing everything

Weblinks: Facebook  / Twitter / Website / Bandcamp

Video for ‘Electric Exodus’

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