Apr 052018

The Ben Aldrich Project recently announced a new album. The album is called “Truth by the Suicidal Pigeons” and it’s a real mind-melting experience. It’s the story of the most hated band in the world, The Suicidal Pigeons.

Think Daniel Johnston , if he had a metal/punk band. Think GG Allin, because he didn’t give a what. Think whatever you want to think. More thought directions can be found in the accompanying liner notes and lyrics PDF.

“TRUTH by the Suicidal Pigeons” will be released on April 17 via Love Your Enemies Records.

The Ben Aldrich Project features Metal Myke on everything, and Johnathan Rapp played guitar and backup vocals.

1. Boogers!
2. Chaz Bono: You’re Still A Girl
3. Crash & Burn
4. C-Stone
5. Faithfull
6. Hated
7. Jack Be Dead
8. Jesus
9. Punk Rock 4 Jesus
10. Subcultures Jam
11. Subcultures
12. Suicidal Pigeons
13. Why
14. Wrath of God


CDs are available for pre-order here.

Digital and junk will be everywhere too.

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