Apr 182020

To fight the shelter-in-place blues, A Broken Line today releases their “Rat Beach (Live)“, a 15 song blitzkrieg live recording of their “Rat Beach” record release show.  Featuring 12 songs from Rat Beach, one cover, and two songs from their self-titled release, this album displays the band’s usual sweaty, positive-energy, bromantic live experience.  Frantic, Long Beach styled jazz infused punk rock geared to both melt faces and ignite foot stomping.  Don’t wait, catch the band now through all major commercial retailers.


Intro (Live) 01:38
Placebo (Live) 02:00
Garage Door (Live) 02:25
Ticking Away (Live) 02:41
Disconnect (Live) 02:40
Pier (Live) 02:09
Old Book (Live) 01:40
Bullet (Live) 03:41
Stingray Shuffle (Live) 02:59
Big Rhythm (Live) 02:59
Waiting Outside (Live) 02:34
It’s Getting Cold (Live) 02:27
Alive on the 111 (Live) 03:15
Roots Radicals (Live) 02:23
Big Black Ocean (Live) 04:24

Streaming:  https://thumperpunkrecords.bandcamp.com/album/rat-beach-live

The band’s music is available on all major commercial sites and CDs are available at shows from the band.   

Weblinks: Facebook / Bandcamp

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