Bloodline Severed – Letters To Decapolis

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Jan 122013

CoverBloodline Severed is a six-piece band from Winston Salem (North Carolina, US). Even though they formed in 2003, in their current line-up they have only been together for a couple of months. In 2006 they released an EP (‘Fear of Reality’) and in 2008 they released their first full length (‘Visions Revealed’). ‘Letters To Decapolis’ is their third release.

Bloodline Severed claim to be a band playing a combination of djent and metal. But they are so much more. Yes, they use downtuned eight strings and staccato riffs but I definitely do not want to compare this band with the majority of djent acts out there. Bloodline Severed combine many elements of extreme metal including (melodic) death metal, metalcore and even a bit of power metal. The danger then exists that the mix is opaque, but that is not the case with Bloodline Severed. The six use more complex structures and atmosphere and tempo changes. They keep long songs like ‘El Gibbor’, ‘Harvest Of Souls’ and ‘Outside The Gate’ interesting, are of a good technical level and try something different here and there. A starring role herein is for the melodic guitar work and beautiful guitar solos, which give a few tracks a slight progressive glimpse. The guitar solo on ‘Lead Us In Battle’ exudes a quieter atmosphere than the rest of the track and thus ensures an attractive contrast. The vocals, which differ from clean vocals, grunts, high screams and even a few pig squeals, definitely add to the diversity as well.

Lyrically the band leaves no room for doubt. “He is our father, He is our hope. He is our king. Glory to His name.” (‘El Gibbor’) and “There is freedom through Jesus Christ.” (‘Masquerade) is what the band uses. A song like ‘Final Chapter’ can be seen as a passionate prayer. It’s almost worship of the highest order: it leaves nothing to be desired for clarity.

Compared to many other bands, you will not see anything really innovating on ‘Letters To Decapolis’, but it’s all very interesting executed. To put it simply: a good release, well worth spending your time and money on if you like your metal to be both passionate and diverse.

Rating: 80/100

Written by Patrick

Track list:
1. El Gibbor (4:22)
2. Harvest of Souls (3:34)
3. Lead Us Into Battle (3:55)
4. Countdown to Desecration (3:36)
5. Raindrops of Decay (3:42)
6. Masquerade (1:57)
7. Amabylon (3:12)
8. Outside the Gate (2:28)
9. Final Chapter (3:42)

Band members:
Jimmy Shaddix – vocals
Aaron Macemore – guitar
Daniel Macemore – guitar
Joey Cowan – guitar
John Snyder – drums
David Whichard – bass

Fear of Reality, EP [2006]
Visions Revealed [2008]
Letters to Decapolis [2012]

Record Label: Red Cord Records, March 2012

Website: Facebook / Reverbnation / FacebookOfficial

Buy the album here:
 First Paradox 
 Nordic Mission

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