Swedish Progressive Rock/Metal Band Wolverine’s Entire ‘Machina Viva’ Album Available for Streaming


wolverineband2016_638_8c0Sensory Records, a division of Laser’s Edge, will release “Machina Viva”, the fifth studio full-length album from Swedish progressive metal kingpins Wolverine, on July 8.

The entire CD can now be streamed here.

A natural progression from “Communication Lost”, released in 2011 via Candlelight, “Machina Viva” invites the listener into the harmonious yet portentous and sullen musical dimensions of Wolverine with perhaps their most dynamic album to date. From the fourteen-minute epic and powerful ‘The Bedlam Overture’ and the dark electronic landscapes of ‘Machina’, to the naked and organic nature of ‘Pile Of Ash’ and ‘Sheds’, ‘Machina Viva’ is the next step in Wolverine‘s explorations in the progressive field. Recorded and produced by Wolverine in various locations throughout Sweden during the autumn and winter months of late 2015 and early 2016, “Machina Viva” was mixed at Spacelab Studio in Germany by Christian “Moschus” Moos (Everon, Haken, Delain, Cloverseeds), and mastered by Grammy Award-winning audio engineer Bob Katz. The layout features microbiological photos by Arturo Agostino and cover art by drummer Marcus Losbjer. The CD version carries a bonus cello version of “Pile Of Ash”.

Wolverine was formed in 1995 by vocalist Stefan Zell and drummer Marcus Losbjer. Initially the band was all about death metal, but they soon allowed a more melodic approach to influence their sound. Since their inception, the band has pushed out of boundaries of heavy metal and evolved through inventiveness and explorative ambition, now incorporating a wider spectrum of musical elements into their own progressive sound.

Track listing:
01. The Bedlam Overture
02. Machina
03. Pile Of Ash (ES335 version)
04. Our Last Goodbye
05. Pledge
06. When The Night Comes
07. Nemesis
08. Sheds
09. Pile Of Ash (cello version) (bonus track)


Band members:
Per Henriksson – keyboards
Marcus Losbjer – drums
Thomas Jansson – bass
Jonas Jonsson – guitars
Stefan Zell – vocals

Upcoming Shows:
Oct 02 ProgPower Europe 2016 Baarlo, Netherlands

Weblinks: Facebook / Twitter / Website

Lyric video: ‘Machina’

Video below: “Machine Viva” (Trailer)



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