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themeeting_2013 Wipe Away is a Christian gothic/doom metal project from Macedonia, that was formed in 2007 by Zarko Atanasova and Marina Atanasova. They have released two full length albums, ‘Punish And Reward’ (2010) and ‘The Meeting’ (2013). Zarko also has other releases from his project, My Darkest Time.

I think that its important that you know Zarko’s back-story. He became a Christian in 1998 and the following year discovered that he had cancer. Whilst he was being prayed over in hospital, his father said “If God will spare the life of my son, I will follow Him all my life”.

After surgery and several torturous bouts of chemotherapy, he was declared free of cancer in 2001. I cannot imagine what he went through, but having watched my mother lose her battle to cancer in six short months, I can see why he has grasped the opportunity to share his faith through his music.

As you might expect from a gothic and doom project, it is dark and murky. Sometimes you need to embrace the dark moments, not to dwell on them, but to recognise that they were terrible and yet there is always hope for a better day.

The album starts with questioning our existence (Challenge), moves on to spiritual struggles (With You & Hope) and embraces the prayer of St. Francis (Commandment of Love). ‘The Key’ declares “I am the Living One / the First and the Last / I hold the keys from death and hades”. Finally ‘Meeting’ is embarking in hope on a journey with God.

This was never going to be an outstanding album, but it was done with the greatest of intentions. And for that. I applaud Zarko and Marina.

This is a free download, so why not take the opportunity to listen.

Rating: 5/10

Reviewed by Peter John Willoughby

1. Challenge
2. With you
3. Hope
4. Laodicea
5. Commandment of love
6. The key
7. Kyrie Eleison
8. Ephesus
9. Soul Inside
10. Meeting
11. Rise Fall Rise

Band members:
Marina Atanasova – vocals
Zarko Atanasova – guitar, bass guitar, vocals [growl], keyboards, drums/programming

WIPE AWAY – demo (2008)
WIPE AWAY – The Great Judgement EP (2008)
WIPE AWAY – Punish and Reward (2010)
WIPE AWAY – The Meeting (2013)

My Darkest Time – End Of My Darkest Time (2008)
My Darkest Time – My Thoughts (2010)
My Darkest Time – Transient (2012)

TRUE WISDOM – Ecclesiastes 7:2 (2007)

SMIRENIE – Molitva (2010)

Record Label: Independent, Feb. 2013

Weblinks:  Myspace / Big Cartel / Facebook

Video below: “The Meeting” Album Teaser

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