Wind Rose – ‘The King Under the Mountain’ Bass Playthrough Video Posted Online


Wind Rose released their fourth studio album, “Wintersaga,” on Sept. 27th. via Napalm Records. On “Wintersaga” the dwarves take the listener on a highly entertaining and unforgettable 50 minutes lasting ride over mountains, snow and ice.

Check out the video below where in Cristiano Bertocchi from Wind Rose playing ‘The King Under the Mountain’

Wind Rose on ‘Wintersaga’:

“We dug holes, we drank mead, we danced together and we got drunk… Now let’s get to serious business! Let us present you the title track Wintersaga, which is surely one of the highlights of this album:

the structure is a little bit more complex than the first two singles, but the epic vocals and orchestra still keep it easily approachable for all kinds of ears.bWe also wanted to give this song a special look, so we decided to create a lyric video to represent its meaning: the arrival of Durin’s Day, that closes the fall and opens the gates of winter.”

Our review of “Wintersaga” can be found here.

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