We Are Looking for a Concert Photographer


concert_a6aWe are looking for a second concert photographer.

Basic requirements”
* You are living in the Netherlands
* You have free time, that you want to invest in the website
* You agree with Mauce.nl’s mission statement and act accordingly
* You have experience in editing pictures.
* Love for Metal music

“What do you get in return?”
* Well, if it’s money you’re after, you’ve been reading for nothing so far. We’re a magazine made for fans, run by fans for more than nine years now, and its being financially supported by our sponsors [Nordic Mission, Ulterium Records, First Paradox] and us.

* Free entry to (the most) concerts/festivals (Transport costs are at own expense).
* The pictures will be posted in our online metal magazine with your name on it, posted on all our social media.
* + you will be part of our international crew.

Visit our photo archive for examples https://mauce.nl/photoarchive/
Still interested, or if you have any questions, contact us: https://mauce.nl/contact-us/

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