War Of Ages To Release New Album “Dominion“ In Sept, Two Brand New Songs Available for Streaming


Two years after their triumphant release of “Rhema” War of Ages are back! The band’s seamless blend of classic heavy metal and hardcore is as catchy as it is electrifying on the ten brand new songs that make up their latest album “Dominion”. The new album also comes with the added bonus of being thematically captivating since, after 20 years as a band, War of Ages are making their very first concept album. Vocalist Leroy Hamp: “We’ve always wanted to write a concept album and the book of Revelation is one that I’m very passionate about. There’s so much mystery surrounding the interpretation and visualization of the book, so we all agreed that the concept would be based on what we could pull from those pages.”

With the deep bench of talent that War of Ages boast it’s no surprise the band would swing for the fences with this record, and capture the essence of the most spiritually overwhelming book of scripture. Steve Brown’s expert shredding in the vein of 2000s metalcore, Elisha Mullins’ black metal roots, Jack Daniels’ melodic guitar style paired with Leroy’s integral classic hardcore vocals, and drummer Kaleb Lubechow’s technical prowess meld into a singularly heavy musical experience on “Dominion”. 

“Dominion” also carries the significance of being the last piece of music recorded by Kaleb Lubechow before his unexpected death in 2022. The album will be dedicated to his memory as a gifted musician and as a brother. He will be missed by all who knew and loved him.

“Dominion” will be released September 15 on Facedown Records and will be War of Ages’ ninth full length release.

“Dominion“ Tracklisting

01 – Famine
02 – Dominus
03 – Victorum
04 – War
05 – Apocalypse
06 – Armageddon
07 – Death
08 – Laodicea
09 – Horror
10 – Misery

Pre-Orders are available now and include a limited edition “Apocalyptic Splatter” vinyl colorway, limited to just 750 copies. 

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