‘Voxeve Promotions’ Signs Distribution Deal with JONO-Media for the Benelux


VoxeveVoxeve Promotions is now the official JONO-distributor (Safemode, Messenger, Bob K, Sobre Todo Nombre and more) in Belgium, The Netherlands & Luxemburg.

“We are happy to announce that Voxeve is now official distributor for JONO in Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg. Since some of our artists tours frequently in these parts of Europe, this is one step to make it easier for fans in this area to buy CDs and merch.” says Jonatan Samuelsson -of JONO.

Voxeve is an independent communication, distribution and booking agency devoted to the artistic development and vision of its incredibly talented roster of musicians and bands. Voxeve is a bit more than your typical booking agency. It was created to not only promote the artist but also to serve as a liaison between the bands/ artist and promoter. Our goal is to build long lasting and rewarding relationships with each promoter. We solely exist to promote the many skill sets that each of our artists bring to the table.

Voxeve Promotions: Website / Facebook 

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