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votum_artwork_66eVotum are no strangers to dark ambient influenced heavy metal and over the years have developed their unique brand into an energetic progressive symphony of atmospheric force. Included within that we have a band unashamed to tap into the realm of musical diversity to reach deep into the songs they write and draw out every ounce of potential from them. This unique cocktail of music progressiveness and ambiance bridged with a dash of frailty creates a daring, yet fresh sound that is both powerful and cinematic.

“KTONIK” is a very expressive movement of musical progressiveness with powerful atmospheric guitar riffs that bring about an emotional drive of energy. “ Satallite” starts the album off with a blueprint introduction of the sound to which the band has made a home within. Its filled with the key signature traits that if one has listened to the other releases by the band it sets the foundation of what to expect venturing further into the album.

I found for myself that Votum’s experience comes to full maturity on “KTONIK” maximising the listening pleasure with songs like, “Greed” that is filled with emotion and powerful cinematic ambiance set to a momentous rage of guitar waves.

With 4 albums now under their belt, and hundreds of on stage performances, including sharing the stage with such greats as Opeth, Korn and Katatonia, bands which I myself have great respect for, it’s no wonder we have a band that can put a top notch album such as this together that delivers song after song with a seemingly effortless momentum, and yet able to remain true to its roots in every way. It’s no wonder that they have become a major influence amongst artists in the new wave of Polish progressive rock.

Songs like “Spiral” and “Blackened Tree” are big songs in my books with deep airy ambiance that again filled with a cinematic approach to it, bring forth creative professionalism to the fore with powerful atmospheric guitars and musical diversity. This band must be awesome in a live setting as the music begs for large landscapes.

“Simulacra” relies on its traditional heaviness to get it out the paddock before settling again into the brand of Votum, the song is both atmospheric and powerful, and its driving heaviness adds a twist and freshness to the sound, revitalizing the album for a second bout, Votum hold onto their attributes of giving the album a cinematic landscape of progressive diversity and ingenuity that makes this one of my favourite tracks on the album. Enough so to be singled out, and highlighted in my opinion, and certainly adds to the overall consistency of momentum and drive that the album exudes as a whole.

“Simulacra” is hushed by “Prometheus”, a progressive masterpiece of a lullaby. “Horizontal” and “Vertical” again follow the formula of Votum, which is in one capsule an emotionally filled atmospheric expressions assembled upon a dark ambiance of powerful guitar drones, and waves of musical progressiveness that bridge rock and metal in a seamless fashion. The album finishes off strong with “Last Word”, a great progressive piece of ambient musical rock diversity.

I feel I am almost short changing Votum by saying their album “KTONIK” is nothing short of a masterpiece mixed by David Castillo (Katatania, Opeth and Bloodbath), and mastered by Tony Lindgren ( Paradise Lost and Kreator).

If you are a fan of progressive rock or metal with a dark ambient feel that is filled with an energetic pulse then this album is for you. It’s a masterpiece of progressive rock ingenuity. Listen and Enjoy!

Rating: 9/10

Written by Donovan de Necker

“:KTONIK:” track listing
01. Satellite
02. Greed
03. Spiral
04. Blackened Tree
05. Simulacra
06. Prometheus
07. Horizontal
08. Vertical
09. Last Word

Band Members:
Zbigniew Szatkowski –Keyboards
Adam Kaczmarek –Guitars
Adam Lukaszek –Drums
Bart Sobieraj –Vocals
Bart TurkTurkowski –Bass
Piotr Lniany – Guitar

“Time Must Have A Stop” (2008)
“Metafiction” (2009)
“Harvest Moon” (2013)
“:KTONIK:” (2016)

Record Label: Inner Wound Recordings, Feb. 2016

Buy the album here:
Holland: First Paradox
Norway: Nordic Mission

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