‘Vials of Wrath’ New Album ‘Seeking Refuge’ To Be Released Next Week, Full Song Available For Streaming


DC MillsVials of Wrath, the Christian-based black/ambient metal solo project of Dempsey “DC” Mills [picture], is set to release, for the first time, a full-album of material, titled “Seeking Refuge,” on April 23rd, 2013. DC is a former rhythm guitarist and backing vocalist for Bloodline Severed – a Christian deathcore band currently signed to Red Cord Records.

Conceived, melted down, and molded within the soul of a man after God’s own heart, “Seeking Refuge” is the quintessential underground production that is steeped in longing for a deeper purpose in life, and ultimately finding it in unabated communion with the King of all creation. Vials of Wrath is nothing shy of the pouring out of all that a man’s questions about existence and eternity conceptualize. Pondering this, understand that DC Mills is unequivocally brilliant with his heartfelt creative musical wizardry contrived of something more than your run of the mill atmospheric, introspective black metal. There is a substance here that is almost tangible, existential and penetrating. “Seeking Refuge” is thought provoking and extremely interwoven amidst the heart strings of the musician and the participant. An honest, raw, open spiritual journey that will awaken the soul to the abundance of God’s enduring attributes.

Utterly void of the suicidal spirit that typical depressive black metal embodies, “Seeking Refuge” is the antithesis of self-destructive music. Rather than pushing the compulsion of a razor blade, the misanthropy of all consuming hatred, or the notion to hang oneself, thus ‘cleansing’ the earth of human worthlessness, Vials of Wrath inspires one to be a real man, separate from a sick world, to die to oneself, and to pick up ones cross to carry it along a road less traveled. Alas a road trodden by the wise and righteous brethren of old.

“Seeking Refuge” is for die-hard fans of musical styles reminiscent of harsh, melancholic sounds of Drowning the Light, Brochen Moon, the atmospheric experiences of Blut Aus Nord’s “Memoria Vetusta II: Dialogue with the Stars”, Seregost “A Solis Ortus Cardine”, Heretoir, and Gaoth Anair; Somber, northern acoustical influences of Lonndom and Agalloch, and true depressive black metal styles of Woods of Desolation and Austere.

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1) A Greater Calling
2) To Walk Upon The Heights
3) Contemplating Creation
4) The Beginning of Sorrows
5) In Sackcloth And Ashes
6) Alone In The Wilderness

Band Members:
DC Mills – all instruments, vocals

Weblinks: Facebook / Myspace

Vials of Wrath, EP (2011)
Vials of Wrath / War Frozen, Split (2011)
Seeking Refuge, EP (2013)


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Video below: Album Teaser:

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