Vengeance Rising – “Human Sacrifice” 25th Anniversary Edition


Human Sacrifice_2013There are some great iconic Christian metal bands out there that come immediately to mind when it comes to cementing their pivotal and vital role they played in the Christian music scene as a whole. Bands like Stryper, Whitecross, Bloodgood, Guardian, and Barren Cross a few which are household names today. Bands that forever changed how we perceive the Christian music scene and broke a few mindsets along the way.

Another one of these bands has to be Vengeance Rising, one of the most iconic and important metal bands to ever exist in the Christian music scene. In 1988 one of the most brutal albums made its debut onto the scene, an album that reflecting upon, help turn the tide on what one could expect from Christian metal and was instrumental in changing the Christian metal scene forevermore. This pivotal release was entitled, ‘Human Sacrifice’ which was release through Intense Records.

It is claimed that it started a musical revolution or movement with its fast style, heavy riffs and bold Christian lyrical content. They were not trying to fit in, but in so doing opened the floodgates through which many bands followed. The cover was brutal for the time, and that brutal-ness in terms of honest truth was also reflected in the lyrics. Their were no mincing of words. It was bold, courageous and honest and ultimately brutal.

Due to its ‘brutal’ nature, the conservative Christians of the time sort to see it banned; which it was from many Christian music stores. In today’s time it might have blended in a little more, and certainly would have not been faced with the same controversy as it was faced back in 1988. But even today, its brutal-ness and relevance rages on through with deserving respect and admiration for what it was able to achieve in its time.

So it was 25 years since its release, and thanks to Roxx Records and Sanctuary international we have a 25 year anniversary edition now available of one of the most iconic Christian albums ever, metal or other. What you get is a hand-numbered picture disc pressing of which without any doubt is going to become a much sought after collector’s item. This remastered release is a great re-production of one of the best heavy metal albums ever…..period.

The 25 year Anniversary Limited Edition picture disc remastered release will be pressed to vinyl in a strictly limited 300 quantity. The artwork has been completely recreated to resemble the original artwork utilizing prints from the original photo sessions by graphic artist Scott Waters. Also the album contains only the 13 original tracks which were completely remastered for vinyl by J Powell at Steinhaus Remastering.

So this is an epic moment in Christian metal music, an opportunity for a few to get their hands on what is and was one of the most exciting metal albums ever. Its brutal, and even though officially the songs are 25 years old, they have been brought once again back to life on this Anniversary Edition and it still carries as much weight as it did back then. I still cannot get enough of the 3 second song, “Receive Him”, and songs like, “He is God”, “I love Hating Evil” and “From The Dead” being a firm favorite, never tire on me. So if you can grab hold of some metal awesomeness that basically along with some others brought forth a revolution that many bands today can be thankful for, then go grab this….”Human Sacrifice” the 25th Anniversary Edition by Vengeance Rising. There will be no regrets in the purchase of this metal history release.

Rating: 9/10

Written by: Donovan de Necker.

01 Human Sacrifice
02 Burn
03 Mulligan Stew
04 Receive Him
05 I Love Hating Evil
06 Fatal Delay
07 White Throne
08 Salvation
09 From The Dead
10 Ascension
11 He is God
12 Fill This Place with Blood
13 Beheaded

Band members:
Roger Martinez – vocals/rhythm guitar
Larry Farkas – guitars
Doug Thieme – guitars
Roger Martin – bass
Glenn Mancaruso – drums

Record Label: Roxx Productions, Oct. 2013

Weblinks: Official Facebook

Buy the album here:
First Paradox
Norway: Nordic Mission
USA: Metal Helm

Video below ‘Human Sacrifice’



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