‘Urban Death Promotions’ A New Metal And Promotion Company


A friend of metal band ForChristSake has set up a metal band promotion company called Urban Death Collection/Urban Death Promotions. There is no further information available yet, if you want to know more, visit them on facebook, or send them an email at urbandeathcollective@ymail.com

Northern Ireland Extreme/Melodic Death Metal band ForChristSake recorded and released in 2010 a 4 track EP, entitled Death is but a Breath Away, and will be going into the studio to record Apocalyptic Visions of Divine Terror late Spring Early Summer 2012, so keep an ear out! The new FCS album will be released by Roxx Productions. If anyone is after a copy of Death of But a Breath Away, just fire them an email at: forchristsaketheband@ymail.com .

Recently ForChristSake played Meltdown Festival. A video can be seen below.

Upcoming FCS Shows:
‎14 July at 22:00 at The Pavilion, Belfast, UK

Band members:
Ignatios – Drums/Vocals
Simon- Lead Guitar
Mark – Bass
Ben – Guitars/Vocals
Adam – Keyboards

Weblinks: Facebook / Myspace 

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