‘Unseen Faith’ & ‘Sobre Todo Nombre’ to Play at Nordicfest-Kick-off on Saturday Sept. 23th.


Nordic Mission in collaboration with Subscene is proud to be able to invite to Nordicfest-Kick-off now on Saturday Sept. 23th. in the capital! It will be a delicious dose of metal and hardcore from Danish Unseen Faith which is plateaktuelle and the Norwegian-Columbian band Sobre Todo Nombre. This day will be sale of nordicfest tickets and records and merch from Nordic Mission! Take the trip! (Facebook Event)

One month later (Oct. 27-28th) it’s time for the 12th edition of Nordic Fest, with a killer line-up: Fleshkiller (NO), Crimson Moonlight (SWE), Innerwish (GR), Death TherapyY (US), Flukt (NO), Eleos (NO), Freakings (SUI), Grøde (NO), Skald In Veum (…)

Sobre Todo Nombre is a metal-core band based in Kristiansand, Norway. The band originates in 2006, from Bogotá, Colombia but two years ago, the band moved to Kristiansand. The band has evolved from Hardcore and Progressive Metal rhythms. In July 2011 after releasing a couple demos the years before, they go into the studio to record their first EP called “Abba Father”produced by Daniel Florez (Getaway Recording) and mastered by Jay Mass (Defeater/Getaway Recording). It had 6 songs with alternate guitars, riffs, sing alongs and dynamic breakdowns, along with a versatile acoustic track.

With a new line-up settled in Kristiansand, Norway; they enter in the studio with Alex Cappa (Metal factory Studios) in Madrid with Daniel Florez one more time, they started the recording process of their new album called “Battleground”. 5 tracks completely filled with harmonies and energetic riffs and effusive vocals with great variety which opens up a more mature and strong sound. This new EP has been released on March 30 of 2017.

Video for Sobre Todo Nombre – Mashah (drawn out of the waters)

Unseen Faith delivers dark and brutal deathcore in an atmospheric universe, and they’re now ready with their debut full-length album “Waver” -a power demonstration for deathcore enthusiasts worldwide.

Unseen Faith has an international sound and looks towards their American and English colleagues for inspiration. The Aarhus-based band is signed to Prime Collective and Tråd Booking, and have really managed to create a lot of buzz, and amounted to making a place for themselves in the Danish metal scene. After their latest release in 2015, the leading Danish metal website –Devilution, named the band New Danish Act of The Year. This year, Unseen Faith takes a striking step towards even higher heights.

Video for Unseen Faith – ‘Dystopia’


For more info go to: nordicfest.no

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