Melodic Metalcore Band Undawn Live At Metal Aid Streaming Festival – Full Set Available


Covid-19 goes into the history books. That is something that is certain. With the total disruption of life in the Netherlands in mid-March 2020, all events ended (provisionally). All festivals and performances were canceled and it was going to be a bitter summer. At that time, we could sit down or get the idea from a “boost” to organize a stream festival. This is how it was thought, how it started. After months of preparation, it was Saturday, July 25, 2020. That day, the metal event of 2020 took place with ten bands that would perform a real live performance especially for the METAL-AID festival. Which was an initiative by Rockportaal Five had pre-recorded their set and five bands gave their presence in Baroeg Rotterdam, which hosted the festival for the occasion. You can read the entire report here.

Here is Undawn‘s live stream for Metal Aid Festival. The band says: Our very first one performed, and recorded from our rehearsal room. We’re speaking Dutch in between the songs. We hope you enjoy it anyway! Have fun with this one.

You can watch Undawn‘s 50-minute show below.

Intro + Head of Doubt
Learn The Hard way
Comfort Zone
Glacier of Tears
Coming Home
You Mean Nothing To Me

We’ll see you soon!

Undawns’s latest effort “Solidarity” Ep has been released on Nov. 16th.  2019.

Our review of “Solidarity” can be found here.

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