Tsena Koev (Vivaldi Metal Project) Releases: “Emotions In a Jar” EP


Symphonic metal group Tsena Koev announces the release of their debut album “Emotions In A Jar”. As of August 26, the album is available for streaming and purchase on all online platforms.

Tsena Koev is a symphonic metal band founded by Vivaldi Metal Project lead vocalist Tsena Stefanova and the project’s arranger Zhivko Koev.

“Emotions In A Jar” features 5 songs venturing into diverse nuances of the symphonic and melodic metal genre and featuring classical instruments like flute, oboe and double bass.

Watch the official video of the first single from “Emotions In A Jar”: Something Inside below.

“After many years of experience on stage, I can finally show you a part of my soul, hoping it resonates with some of you and touches your souls too!”, says Tsena.

You can listen to “Emotions In A Jar” on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube

Video for ‘Something Inside’

For more information, follow Tsena Koev’s Facebook page

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