‘True Liberty’ announces new album “Give Me True Liberty or Give Me Death”


true_libertyTrue Liberty announces the release of their fifth album “Give Me True Liberty or Give Me Death,” for release on May 21, 2014.  The new album includes three new original studio recordings plus 16 greatest hits recorded live. Firmly committed to living their beliefs, this album documents the band in all of its spiritual passion and fury.

The live portion of the album was recorded at Destination Central, on February 10, 2013, in Colonial Heights, Virginia, several months prior to Aaron Liberty’s departure with his family for full-time missionary service to the people of central Costa Rica.  An awe-inspiring, resolute call for unity and service to others for God’s glory. 

The band’s latest album “Marked for Life” was released in 2012 via Thumper Punk Records. “Marked for Life” was produced by True Liberty and Todd Corvin, with digital mastering by Stephen Edgerton [Descendents/All]. Cover art was provided courtesy of Dave Besanson Originals. Stout enough for fans ofThe Business, The Clash and The Ramones, but musically strong enough to be enjoyed by music lovers everywhere.

True Liberty formed in 2005 with Aaron “Liberty” Wells leading the call for members to join the Christian band. After years of running away from God, Aaron became a powerful voice for Christian believers along with founding members Mike “Liberty “ Collawn and Tom “Liberty “ Schoppe, and were later joined by Tim “Liberty” Perkins, and Andrew Godfrey taking their turn on the bass. Their unique blend of Christian lyrics intertwined with gut wrenching, raw, garage punk sounds, has garnered the eye of both local media such as Richmond’s Magazine33, and mainstream industry voices such as HM Magazine, Indie Vision Music, HXC Christian.com, Absolute Punk, Untombed, and Yahoo Music.

As a sober punk band, True Liberty writes, performs and shares this message with fans throughout the world, “We’re not perfect, we’ve made mistakes but we have a responsibility to share our faith, our love, our passion for our Savior, Jesus Christ, with those around us. We press on despite struggles and attacks. We don’t get any fame, or money, or awards for what we do, but to us it’s about playing the music we love and using it to share Jesus with others.”

true liberty
1.    Loud and Proud
2.    Unite
3.    Standing Tall
4.    God’s Gonna Cut You Down (Live)
5.    Revolution (Live)
6.    Here to Stay (Live)
7.    Suicide King (Live)
8.    Fist Fight In the Dirt (Live)
9.    Put It to Death (Live)
10.    Broken Dreams (Live)
11.    Johnny B. Goode (Live)
12.    Ball and Chain (Live)
13.    To the Front (Live)
14.    Take It Back (Live)
15.    Lost (Live)
16.    Unite (Live)
17.    Just a Sinner (Live)
18.    Amazing Grace (Live)
19.    Summary (Live)

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Video below  ‘Standing Tall’

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