‘Tourniquet’ Launches Crowdfund Campaign to Fund “Vanishing Lessons” – 25th Anniversary Vinyl


Tourniquet co-founder and drummer Ted Kirkpatrick checked in with the following:

“Many of you have been asking for this – here’s your chance! While we’re waiting on the factory to complete the Gazing at Medusa vinyl (still on track for late February), this is THE time to make this happen: 25th Anniversary of Vanishing Lessons – on vinyl for the first time! Remember – Kickstarter is “all or nothing” – so we need to meet our goal for it to be a go. Please join us – and share it everywhere. Together we can release VL to vinyl! Check out the campaign and cool rewards. The first 30 backers will get a 1994 laminated Vanishing Lessons tour pass! – thanks”

Check out the video announcement from Kirkpatrick below.

25 years ago, Frontline recording artist Tourniquet entered Rumbo Recorders Studio in Canoga Park, CA to record our 4th full length album. With producer Jim Faraci at the recording/engineering/mixing helm, whose previous credits ranged from Ratt: Out of the Cellar, to Poison: Look What the Cat Dragged In, to Trouble: Run to the Light, to Crowbar – we knocked out 11 tracks and called the album “Vanishing Lessons”. The album remained popular for the next 25 years, and became a Tourniquet classic, cranking out four #1 radio singles: the iconic title track, Bearing Gruesome Cargo, Acidhead, and Twilight.

Which brings us to to 2019: time to bring this classic to vinyl!

About the cover: This is a Vaudeville poster from the 1930’s promoting the greatest magician who ever lived – Harry Houdini. It illustrates what can happen when we allow “the world” to control us – like a ship with no rudder. The monster is the evil and sin that so easily entangles us – providing a graphic example and good reason to keep our eyes on the Lord. “Let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles”. Hebrews 12:1

(Vinyl will feature original 1994 album art)

We’ve got some cool rewards, and what could be better for an album called Vanishing Lessons than to include a couple rewards from a master magician? Rick Wilcox has his own magic theater in Wisconsin Dells, WI, where he and his wife Susan do an incredible illusion show, which includes music by Tourniquet. rickwilcox.com Rick and I have been friends for many years, pictured here with a genuine water torture cell, modeled after one Houdini himself used. So two of the reward inclusions are Rick‘s Signature playing cards (marked deck!), and a 90 minute DVD featuring 25 card tricks demonstrated and explained so you can learn and perform them yourself.

The first 30 backers will get a 1994 laminated Vanishing Lessons tour pass!

So please join us by becoming a backer. Let’s do this together!!

Become a backer here.


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