Torn – “Demo 2014”


Torn Demo ArtworkTorn is a metallic hardcore from the United States of America. Demo is their debut EP. Torn plays a crushingly heavy brand of metallic hardcore that can easily pass for metalcore, Members have also played in Advent, Venia, and Jawbone.

Ben Kocinski: ‘We were trying to sound like ’90s hardore We stuck with more basic and heavier riffs.

In the songs on this album Torn shows us a way of true Christian life including the fact that we have to stay on the right track making the right choiches everyday. Demo is a true display of maturity, experience, and talent. Most of the individual band influence can be heard if you listen closely; Jawbone’s nasty, dark tone, Venia’s melodic/punk sensibilities, and Joe’s voice and aggressiveness give that touch of brutal to set the whole thing off. This is just excellent music made by excellent musicians.

The demo is available for free download here.

Rating: 8,5/10

Written by Stingray

1. Burden Of Truth
2. Into The Fire
3. Hand Of Judgement
4. Marked For Death

Band members:
Joe Musten,Aaron travis,Neil Engleman, Ben Kocinski
Drums recorded with: Hunter Harris
Guitars and bass recorded with: Dinis DeCarvalho
Vocals recorded wirh: Kris Hilbert
Backup vocals recorded with Aaron Cooper

Record Label: Independent, Feb. 2014

Weblinks: Facebook / Bandcamp / Twitter

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