‘To Speak Of Wolves’ to Release Come Back EP “New Bones” on Sept. 16th.


To_Speak_Of_Wolves_-_2016_c56To Speak Of Wolves recently announced a new EP, titled “New Bones”, which will be released on Sept. 16 via Cardigan Records. (Pre-orders are on sale now.) The album’s artwork and track listing can be found below.

“New Bones” will be the follow up “Find Your Worth, Come Home” which has been released on May 22nd 2012 via Solid State Records.

Time does strange things, softens edges, peels away life, mends wounds, leads us away from paths we chose and offers our eyes a place they have never been before. It dispenses the notions we held, waiting for the moments our thoughts would be proven true or join the myriad of misguided ideas and archaic thought processes. To Speak of Wolves has submitted themselves to time, and while searching vigorously, these 5 young men found that they could not live apart from what they had created. All it takes is a random vibration in your pocket today, and life can be catapulted from the commonplace into the surprising gravity of the unknown. That gravity is what has created the “New Bones” EP. The whirlwind of shows they didn’t get to play, festivals that didn’t know their name and a fan base they didn’t see grow into the chorus that it is today. “Find Your Worth, Come Home” wasn’t given an opportunity to see the light of day, but on it has own it clawed to the surface and made itself known. That sonic territory traversed is what brings us here today.

The TSOW quintet know better than to try and replicate “Find Your Worth, Come Home” with that said, as cliché as it has the ability to sound, you should expect something else. Something deeper into the darkness of sound. It’s always cast in this good and evil light, but truly, these are men who don’t shy away from what life is for them, that it’s not all the triumph of rainbows and the padding of God’s abundance. No, that would be too slight an existence, the desire to dive deep into peril and shine through with the goodness of a hope, worth being deemed a hope. As Beethoven wrote unhinging, churning master pieces, feeling his way through the arrangements and Nirvana took you into the soul of men who had nothing but music to articulate the words they had stored inside them. You will be given another look into the soul of a quiet honesty and a resounding passion to the story of the life they have conquered thus far.

To Speak Of Wolves features Phil Chamberlain, brother of Underoath frontman Spencer Chamberlain. Phil is also a member of both Sullivan and Hundred Faces.

new bones ep

Track listing:

1- Ok, I’ll Be a Part of This World
2- New Bones
3- What the Wind Reaps
4- Phantom Limb
5- Can’t Stop What’s Coming
6- Pegasus Project


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