To Speak Of Wolves – “New Bones”


new bones epTo Speak Of Wolves from Greensboro, North Carolina, was formed in 2007 and currently they call their own style Rock/Hardcore.

After a break of four years To Speak Of Wolves are finally back with a new EP called ‘New Bones’. This EP is released on Cardigan Records. Formerly they were signed to Solid State records.

The first song of this six-song EP is called ‘Ok, I’ll Be a Part of This World’. Immediately we are thrown into the deep with smashing riffs and screaming like there is no tomorrow. It is clear that their sound has grown a bit darker in the past years.

Title track ‘New Bones’ is no exception to the aforementioned and has a chorus that sticks to your memory. This song has a menacing tone and an aggression that appeals to me as a die hard hardcore fan.

The EP rages forth with an energy that never has a dull moment. ‘What The Wind Reaps’ is with 4:11 minutes the longest song on the album. So no excessive long boring songs, but just ‘to the point’rock/hardcore. As a matter of fact, I don’t think that their description of rock/hardcore covers the style entirely. When you hear this album you just can’t help it to compare it to Norma Jean. It has a high Math-Core content.

‘Phantom Limb’ begins epic with bombastic guitars and then is slowing down with a bass-tone that hits you where it hurts. Just awesome! This song is really a rock song, without screaming, and it is this diversity that makes, and keeps, this album so interesting.

The fifth song ‘Can’t Stop What’s Coming’ is just that. You can’t stop it and you don’t want to…. trust me. It begins a bit like Indie Rock and then again bombastic. The drums are almost smashed to smithereens, but only for a short while. From about the half of the song acoustic guitars take over and the song continues with spoken word.

Then we already reach the last song ‘Pegasus Project’ which has all elements that a good song needs. Smashing riffs, screaming and a beautiful clean chorus. What I like about the cleans is that they also have a raw edge. This is a song full of passion, a true masterpiece.

Conclusion: To Speak Of Wolves are back, and they are back with an album that was worth the long wait. Let’s just hope that they won’t keep us waiting for another four years for the next album. The more I am listening to this album, the more it grows on me and I hear more and more subtle sounds and influences. If you were a fan of To Speak Of Wolves or if you have to discover them for the first time and you like bands like Norma Jean for example, then you should really check them out and give them a chance. They deserve it!

Rating: 8/10

Written by: René Woning

Track list:

1. Ok, I’ll Be a Part of This World
2. New Bones
3. What the Wind Reaps
4. Phantom Limb
5. Can’t Stop What’s Coming
6. Pegasus Project

Band members:
Gage Speas, Vocals
Phil Chamberlain, Drums
Aaron Kisling, Guitar
Seth Webster, Bass
Andrew Gaultier, Guitar

“Following Voices” EP (2009)
“Myself <Letting Go” (2010)
“Find Your Worth, Come Home” (2012)
“New Bones” EP (2016)

Record label: Cardigan Records, September 2016

Weblinks: Facebook Twitter / Myspace

Buy the album here:
Holland: First Paradox
Norway: Nordic Mission

Soundcloud link for: ‘Ok, I’ll Be a Part of This World’

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