‘Timōrātus’ Releases “Reverentia” Album, Available for Free Download


Timōrātus are back with a new album “Reverentia” it is released on March 31th. The album is available for free download (name your price) from their bandcamp site. The download includes high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more. Paying supporters also get unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app.

“Reverentia” is a worship album that takes a different approach by adding rich, deep guitar drones and doom metal undertones to envelope the listener in the warmth and closeness of worship with God.

Timōrātus is a one man band from David Napier, but on this album he uses several other musicians. David Napier – Instrumentation / Vocals, Courtney Napier – Vocals, Benjamin Steven Dohrmann – Vocals, Amy Austin – Vocals, Carman Hammond – Vocals

David started work on a short EP to be released mid to late summer in the grind genre. Then start work on a progressive metal full length.

With several releases Timōrātus plans to continue to experiment with different metal genres in the hopes of opening one’s mind and bringing one closer to God.

Timōrātus means, a, um, adj. timor, full of reverence towards God, devout, Vulg. Luc. 2, 25 (transl. of the Gr. εὐλαβής); id. Act. 8, 2; Hier. in Isa. 14, 50, 10.

1. Weight of the World 07:00
2. Mere Symbols 07:16
3. Communion: The Bread 09:00
4. Communion: The Cup 07:02
5. In Christ Alone 06:42
6. Amazing Grace 06:37
7. Leave It There 08:49

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