‘Thy Majestie’ To Release New Album ‘ShiHuangDi’


Italian bombastic symphonic power metal band Thy Majestie is working on a new studio album, this will be their 7th.album [5th full length] & the follow up to Dawn [2008]. Read their new message below.

We are indescribably happy and honoured to announce that we invited Fabio Lione [Rhapsody of Fire, Vision Divine, Kamelot] to join us for a special appearance on our new album, and he has enthusiastically accepted our call! One of the most prominent singers in today’s metal scene, Fabio will appear on the tenth track of Thy Majestie‘s upcoming album, called ShiHuangDi, which will cover the life …and the deeds of the legendary man who alone, over 2.000 years ago, succeeded in the titanic task to unify China under one great empire. ShiHuangDi will mark the return of Thy Majestie to their trademark sound, made of epic atmospheres, massive orchestral and operatic parts, and – most of all – genuinely devastating metal!

Here’s the complete tracklist of the album, whose exit is scheduled by march 2012:

1. Zhongguo
2. Seven reigns
3. Harbinger of new dawn
4. Siblings of Tian
5. Walls of the emperor
6. Under the same sky
7. Farewell
8. Huanghun
9. Ephemeral
10. End of the days [feat. Fabio Lione]
11. Requiem

Thy Majestie is:
Alessio Taormina  – Vocals
Simone Campione – Guitars
Guiseppe Carruba – Keyboards
Dario D’Alessandro – Bass
Claudio Diprima- Drums

2008 – Dawn [Dark Balance]
2005 – Jeanne d’Arc [Scarlet Records]
2003 – Echoes of War [Scarlet Records]
2002 – Hastings 1066 [Scarlet Records]
2000 – The Lasting Power [Scarlet Records]
1999 – Perpetual Glory [Self-production]

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